Abortion Attempt: Adoption, Dilemmas, And Mood

I’ve been disconnected from the blog for a long time. But it’s for good reasons. The wedding is approaching, and we have to finalize details

Those little things we’ll leave for another post.

Today I wanted to tell you how we are after the 4th attempted post-abortion.

Right now we are entirely in the 4th attempt. Duties made and waiting, to see how we are given this month but well, seen the sight without much hope, and I tell you that we are FIV cannon fodder or any other type of safe external aid. Or not, because there are also people who take a little longer and run out of problems.

The fact is that, as we do not know what kind of couple we are going to be, if we need those who need help or if in the end, they get it naturally, we have decided that we have to start thinking about what to do.

This month a year ago we officially started with the search. I say formally because before that, in May, we began to “prove” but without knowing everything we know now of fertile days, etc. I told you on Instagram that this weekend we had made a trip to Edinburgh. Well, we have taken the opportunity to gather strength for the wedding and to talk about the future.

And … how do we see the future? Well evidently being three minimum, good 5 with the Perris, hahaha.

We have decided that in January we will begin to do tests, to see what they tell us and besides that, we will start the procedures to adapt depending on what they tell us. This decision has been critical and much debated.

The issue of adoption is complicated for me. I think that when a couple decides to adopt because they do not “have any other choice” because their other options to be parents are over, it is somewhat “selfish,” I feel a bit selfish, and I explain why.

When you adopt, you are giving the option of a better life for a child. If you can have a child naturally or with the help of science, sometimes adoption does not even go through your head, so that a child who could have a better future will remain in a center waiting for someone to adopt him because you, having your children, are already “not interested” in taking.

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