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The blogosphere is full of mothers who use the network to share their experiences and advise other women who have or are about to have a child. Mother’s bloggers who have become essential opinion leaders and which is used for help.

New Stage

Before telling you how our new stage as parents is, I want to give you an explanation of why we suddenly disappeared both from the blog and Instagram as from all social networks.

All those who follow me or follow you know that this blog emerged when we started looking for pregnancy and during that time we had an abortion. When we got pregnant again, I started talking about it especially on Instagram. I was super happy because we had finally achieved it and I loved sharing that joy with people who did not know me since no one around me knew about the pregnancy until three months.

At the beginning of the pregnancy (indeed at the beginning, in the middle and at the end because that fear you never lose it) I was scared. I was afraid that something would go wrong. First, I thought that when I was told in the Echo of 12 weeks that everything was going well, I would lose that fear, but not at all. Then I postponed it to the Echo of 20 ” When the 20 o’clock arrives I’ll be better”, I repeated to myself. The Echo of 20 weeks arrived and thanked God everything went well, so the fear was displaced for 7 months … ” Well if born with seven months, although premature has many options to go well”  And so throughout the pregnancy.

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